Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Gaksital Ep.25 Preview

Ueno : KIMURA SHUNJI!~ you are a person who cant even catch gaksital that is in front of your eyes!
Male Comrade : If we could get the weapons,our preparation would be perfect.
Female Comrade : If Kimura Shunji know that he have been decieved, MokDan will be in danger.
Ueno : Ueno Rie,in this world only one thing that can be trusted! that is all!
Shunji : Does Sato Hiroshi still frequents here now? Cheong Dok department explosion,for that they will need weapons....
Mokdan : I came to ask you a favor.
Rie : Just what are you trying to say?
Someone : Gaksital is caught.
Mokdan : Please save Lee Kangto. 

*choke* teary shunji? gaksital is caught? *choke* 

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