Thursday, 6 September 2012

Rie-Katsuyama FINAL scene

Katsuyama : Where are you going?I‘ll accompany you,even if its just to your destination.

Rie : No,it would be better if we part here.

Katsuyama : For the last time,I’ll ask you once again here. I’ll stay by your side,like a shadow,just as your bodyguard. Even then,cant you allow me to?

Rie : Katsuyama, to live with someone who wont ever love you or look at you,is misery. Thank you for all this time.
*turns back* Katsuyama,my name is Choi Hong Joo.Choi Hong Joo.

Katsuyama : I’ll remember agasshi’s name for the rest of my life.

I LOVE YOU writer For giving katsuyama the scene for him to confess to his agasshi in the last two epi ;_; its a beutiful one T_T when she gave him her real name,a name that she probably didnt even want to remember before is just ♥ it was exclusively his T_T no one alive probably knew her name anymore T_T the way his blank face somehow lit up at the name just breaks my heart more than it already has. why cant you just grab her and run with her? why must you ASK? WHY? *cries* 

katsuyama reminds me of the bodyguard in Princess Man,they keep putting in shots of him stealing concern look to his princess but never got the chance to even say anything~we didn’t even know if that really look of love or anything~ so YAY gaksital writer \o/ for this i will remember you forever~

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Gaksital Finale!

I'm relaying the message~ i hope a lot of people can join!~ ;_; 

Heeyaa fansitals,
On Thursday, September 6, 2012, 9:25 pm (Korean Standard Time) half an hour before the showing of the last episode of Gaksital, let's all show our appreciation for the hard work of the casts and staffs and congratulating them for the success of the drama via twitter using the hashtag gaksital (#gaksital)

Spread the word and hope you could join us on the farewell party at twitterland.

Important Note: we are using the hashtag (#) to send our messages, please minimize or as much as possible avoid spamming the twitter account of the casts of Gaksital or else "GAKSITAL WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!" haha! 

Thank you!
The Kangto-Shunji Train

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Jong Jong Jang Gu Cut 120722

KSW : Ah i want to eat
KJM : What do you usually eat at home?
KSW : What are you? You want to be an MC for a talk show right?
KJM : I am practicing
*so we prepared this kim jong min-sshi*
*JONG JONG JANG GU* (parody of Seung Seung Jang Gu/Win Win a talk show hosted by KSW)
KJM : This is our first broadcast and theres many guest who come today. How do you feel? A word from each of you,please.
KSW : For me,I hope kim jong min show,jong jong jang gu right? I hope it will last long.
*Seung Woo congratulate for first broadcast*
UTW : When I come to such program,since i am bad at talking,I get nervous.
*afraid of talk show tae woong*
KJM : Ah dont worry. You just dont have to talk,relax. I heard you have a new film coming out?
CTH : Thats why I come to promote the film. For film promotion,theres no better place than jong jong jang gu. The PR team say that i absolutely have to come to this program.
*Jong Jong Jang Gu is the trend for film PR*
*Jong Jong Jang Gu first question*       
KJM : So in acting theres always hardship. For example for love scene,do you act with your wife sometimes? Do you?
KSW : WHAT? What? Is this a question? What did you say,repeat it again.
KJM : You have to be in character to act right? For that you have to practice right? For practice purpose,have you ever practice with your wife?
KSW : oh that is a good question!
CTH : oh i am curious too.
KSW : Sometimes i do. Sometimes.
KJM : Is there maybe...kiss scene?
KSW : What is that? Why do you laugh at the question? You are the MC!
KJM : But its possible right?
LSGn : Oh the surpise guest is coming!
*i skip over what SSK and Juwon is saying since its only about the food*
KJM : I will end this abruptly here.Jong Jong Jang Gu ends here.

Translated by laydeebutterfly

KJM = Kim Jong Min
UTW = Uhm Tae Woong
CTH = Cha Tae Hyun
LSGn = Lee Su Geun
** = screen text


Link to the blog if you want to share this.If you want to use the translation for subbing,PLEASE ASK ME FIRST.

Gaksital Ep.25 Preview

Ueno : KIMURA SHUNJI!~ you are a person who cant even catch gaksital that is in front of your eyes!
Male Comrade : If we could get the weapons,our preparation would be perfect.
Female Comrade : If Kimura Shunji know that he have been decieved, MokDan will be in danger.
Ueno : Ueno Rie,in this world only one thing that can be trusted! that is all!
Shunji : Does Sato Hiroshi still frequents here now? Cheong Dok department explosion,for that they will need weapons....
Mokdan : I came to ask you a favor.
Rie : Just what are you trying to say?
Someone : Gaksital is caught.
Mokdan : Please save Lee Kangto. 

*choke* teary shunji? gaksital is caught? *choke*