Thursday, 6 September 2012

Rie-Katsuyama FINAL scene

Katsuyama : Where are you going?I‘ll accompany you,even if its just to your destination.

Rie : No,it would be better if we part here.

Katsuyama : For the last time,I’ll ask you once again here. I’ll stay by your side,like a shadow,just as your bodyguard. Even then,cant you allow me to?

Rie : Katsuyama, to live with someone who wont ever love you or look at you,is misery. Thank you for all this time.
*turns back* Katsuyama,my name is Choi Hong Joo.Choi Hong Joo.

Katsuyama : I’ll remember agasshi’s name for the rest of my life.

I LOVE YOU writer For giving katsuyama the scene for him to confess to his agasshi in the last two epi ;_; its a beutiful one T_T when she gave him her real name,a name that she probably didnt even want to remember before is just ♥ it was exclusively his T_T no one alive probably knew her name anymore T_T the way his blank face somehow lit up at the name just breaks my heart more than it already has. why cant you just grab her and run with her? why must you ASK? WHY? *cries* 

katsuyama reminds me of the bodyguard in Princess Man,they keep putting in shots of him stealing concern look to his princess but never got the chance to even say anything~we didn’t even know if that really look of love or anything~ so YAY gaksital writer \o/ for this i will remember you forever~

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