Wednesday, 25 July 2012

GiKwang Hand Kiss

3AM and this video is preventing me from doing anything else,hence gif T_T hav to move on with something else but my brain is stuck at BEAST comeback so here i am,GIF-ing when theres 2 George R.R Martin is waiting for me since 2 months ago T_T 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Gaksital OST - Judgement Day

Dont even know why i am on this search when theres so many more things to do today~ my favorite song out of all gaksital's OST is the song played everytime Gaksital makes his appearance. Apparently its sung by Lee Jung Hyun titled IL giorno del Giudizio (Judgement Day)~ and he composed and wrote the lyrics for song himself. I tried looking for it but all those singles of Gaksital OST doesn't come with the song T_T i hope it will be included in the OST album later. For preview of the song :

i guess the author cut it out of the drama or something~ hing

source : daum news

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Answer to 1997 tweet 120708

[trans] Do Hak Chan-gun in the middle of exam! Did you guys do your final examination well?

[translated by laydeebutterfly]

Source : @tvn_1997

seriously tell me how is this guy 34YEARS OLD? HOW??he can go undercover as a high school student and i would think he would fit right in~no one would even suspect anything.he didnt even do anything,he just lost some weight and he totally get his idol look back~ *sigh* and why am i so worried of this drama? please show be good to me,its my only chance to see EJW on screen for more than a few seconds~ PLEASE PLEASE dont make me suffer thru it T_T PLEASE~