Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Jong Jong Jang Gu Cut 120722

KSW : Ah i want to eat
KJM : What do you usually eat at home?
KSW : What are you? You want to be an MC for a talk show right?
KJM : I am practicing
*so we prepared this kim jong min-sshi*
*JONG JONG JANG GU* (parody of Seung Seung Jang Gu/Win Win a talk show hosted by KSW)
KJM : This is our first broadcast and theres many guest who come today. How do you feel? A word from each of you,please.
KSW : For me,I hope kim jong min show,jong jong jang gu right? I hope it will last long.
*Seung Woo congratulate for first broadcast*
UTW : When I come to such program,since i am bad at talking,I get nervous.
*afraid of talk show tae woong*
KJM : Ah dont worry. You just dont have to talk,relax. I heard you have a new film coming out?
CTH : Thats why I come to promote the film. For film promotion,theres no better place than jong jong jang gu. The PR team say that i absolutely have to come to this program.
*Jong Jong Jang Gu is the trend for film PR*
*Jong Jong Jang Gu first question*       
KJM : So in acting theres always hardship. For example for love scene,do you act with your wife sometimes? Do you?
KSW : WHAT? What? Is this a question? What did you say,repeat it again.
KJM : You have to be in character to act right? For that you have to practice right? For practice purpose,have you ever practice with your wife?
KSW : oh that is a good question!
CTH : oh i am curious too.
KSW : Sometimes i do. Sometimes.
KJM : Is there maybe...kiss scene?
KSW : What is that? Why do you laugh at the question? You are the MC!
KJM : But its possible right?
LSGn : Oh the surpise guest is coming!
*i skip over what SSK and Juwon is saying since its only about the food*
KJM : I will end this abruptly here.Jong Jong Jang Gu ends here.

Translated by laydeebutterfly

KJM = Kim Jong Min
UTW = Uhm Tae Woong
CTH = Cha Tae Hyun
LSGn = Lee Su Geun
** = screen text


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Gaksital Ep.25 Preview

Ueno : KIMURA SHUNJI!~ you are a person who cant even catch gaksital that is in front of your eyes!
Male Comrade : If we could get the weapons,our preparation would be perfect.
Female Comrade : If Kimura Shunji know that he have been decieved, MokDan will be in danger.
Ueno : Ueno Rie,in this world only one thing that can be trusted! that is all!
Shunji : Does Sato Hiroshi still frequents here now? Cheong Dok department explosion,for that they will need weapons....
Mokdan : I came to ask you a favor.
Rie : Just what are you trying to say?
Someone : Gaksital is caught.
Mokdan : Please save Lee Kangto. 

*choke* teary shunji? gaksital is caught? *choke* 

Monday, 20 August 2012

Gaksital Ep.23 Preview

MD : Young master!
Kangto : How did i get here?
MD : Could it be that Lala knows you are gaksital?
Shunji : WHAT? friend? am i korean? You're going to show up anyway.so what are you going to do now? Kangto-ya,dont you know,gaksital....(unfinished sentence) Why? you dont like it?
Dongjin : please recieve my bow.
Yang baek : i will make a second revolt,i'll stake my life on it.
Kangto : i have a good idea
Koiso : now gaksital is setting fire at bok cheong district.
Kangto : since we're doing this...
Abe : gaksital is setting fire in yeong dok now. 

on the paper that it goes in triagle : top: yang baek,left: damsari, right: gaksital. and in the middle of the triangle is oh mokdan. *rolleyes*

OK writer i LOVE you,i really do but seriously this mokdan threat and all is getting OLD super old~i know shunji is doing this to somehow make kangto nervous and all but UGH kill the girl already or something,she was supposed to LEAVE town!~~ you dont do things halfway but only to mokdan you're being a cliche korean drama~ its going round and round and round like a never ending nightmare.

but that being said,YAY its going to way i really wanted~shunji decides to play the gaksital game to get the bigger fish~ but two can play the game and kangto is playing with him to ♥ KYAHAA~~ see writer? how much of a genius you can be? i guess most writers are as stupid as shunji when it comes to love? 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Gaksital Ep.22 Preview

Shunji : Ueno Rie,i'll ask you for the last time,lee kangto is gaksital right?
Rie : Let go of me.
Shunji : how did you check/prove it? 
Kangto : theres no way to find dongjin teacher
Shunji : lee kangto is dongjin...(unfinished sentence)..dongjin who yangbaek is trying to meet...
Duke's son : Who are you??what are your relationship with her?
Kangto : What? DongJin Association?
MokDan : i'll find it out for you.
Kangto : wouldnt it be dangerous? 
MokDan : kye soon-ah,do you think shunji will let you go?didnt it occur to you that you could get involved too?
Ueno : what can i help you with?
Shunji : can i kill your daughter? i need your warrior.i'll put my life on the line.

UUUU i wonder what did shunji after he said he wanted to kill rie and the reaction of ueno "yes kill her" or? ~ XD

Monday, 13 August 2012

Gaksital Ep.21 Preview

Shunji : How is it that you let him slip away? You are hiding something arent you?
MD : Yang Baek teacher is coming to Joseon?
Duke : Who are going to come KaKa?
Duchess : Just knowing that he is coming,when the joseon people hear this,there will be a second revolt.
Kangto : I’m worried for you. I believe that you are going to choose the right path.
Ueno : Gaksital will be catched by Ueno Rie.  Kill the guy no matter what!
Koiso : Everyone move to KyungSo Ilbo.
Shunji : Lee Kangto? Where is lee kang to?
Kangto : I come to punish your evil deed!

translated by laydeebutterfly

kangto extending his hand to Rie!~ ;_; AT LAST!~and she is contemplating!~ yes yes yes~ i wonder by the shot of raised eye brow by katsuyama means that he too knows about gaksital but arent saying anything? or is he just "WHAT?OH SHIT now that means i have to go and catch gaksital?" LOL bcoz we all know he does all the hard and dirty work for Rie though she too can hold her own sword but definitely not against gaksital right? 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Kangto-Rie BTS

Manners even during kiss?
Rie : when i wed,i’d do like this *gesture*
Director : how do we this?let me show you how to do it.
Rie : What?
Director : its awkward
Rie : you have to do good!
Bubble on top : Do it with me,like you do with mokdan!
Rie : On my face(the kiss)..i lifted it a bit~
Like this..
Rie : Plane...it come again!!
Rie : Hungry~~ Hungry~~
Director : OK lets go
As if nothing have happened,change immedeatly
Black and white meets?
Director : When you kiss her cheeks,dont close your eyes!
Rie : why do you keep closing your eyes!its habit habit
Kangto : isn't that manners?i thought it was manners.
Rie : where do we start?
Pay attention to Hong Ju’s pupil!!!

p/s : whateva that is without name before it,is screen text.

translated by laydeebutterfly


share the link or whateva,but please dont take it out. if you mean to use the translation for subs,by all means do so,but please leave the link to the vid in the comment section.a simple credit would suffice for such a bad translation T_T

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Too Pretty!? Σ(゚д゚lll)

Hyuna dancing to Verbal Jint's 충분히 예뻐 in 4minute's Travelmaker Ep.4~ *dance* and turns on her aegyo when gayoon praised her LOL ♥ and of course ends it all with the "gangnam style dance" ah i love the song but hyuna made me replay the song so many times yesterday ;_; KIM HYUNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES you're pretty enuff T_T too pretty ;_; i hate myself for it~ 

The song :

Park Ki Woong&JooWon tweet 120809

truth is,its really hard now.this is the first time during i've acted,i'm having a hard time because my character.that is why today somehow i am missing the bright kang hwee.have i been too much into it..but i wont let it go.i will endure it till the end. the thing i hav to do till the end,i will do it.

its the time to be strong..be strong~ maybe i wore the mask too tight,my head hurts uhee. team work the best!~ everyone AJAJA~ UJUJUJU <--its baby talk,u do it to kids,like uu good good,kind of thing

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Gaksital Ep.20 Preview

Taro : theres a big possibility that lee kangto is gaksital!
Euno : gaksital?
Shunji : a new truth have been revealed.lets see if theres a possibility that lee kangto is gaksital.
Rie : a new truth?
Kangto : even now i'll save you once again (ACK ACK ACK PLEASE SAVE HER PLEASEE ;_;)
Rie : Such an obvious lie,why do i want to believe it?
Guy : theres an article of opportunity to go to china~
Woman : its good,you can earn money and learn new technique.
Kangto : Shunji,now you even know that your brother murdered my mom? OK,lets see what you do.
Shunji : You,do you have anything that you are hiding from me?if you hav anything hidden from me,i'll get to the root of it.

translated by laydeebutterfly

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Judgement Day finally OUT![Updated w/ italian trans n lyrics]

and at last,my favorite OST is out \o/ will never understand why it took so long for them to release the song when the song hav been playing on Gaksital since juwon took the mask~but yay its out!!!~~~

[eng trans of lyrics]

[LJH]God come down on us
Ray of eternal light
Get your justice
The vengeance of the heaven on you
The vengeance of the heaven will fall, anathema

[JW]On the day of burning red sun,
This land would again return to me,
Like naked gestures,[am not so sure about this line,will edit later if i find a better translation]
Now it will rise again.

[LJH]God come down on us
Ray of eternal light
Get your justice
The impious vengeance of the heaven
The vengeance of the heaven will fall, anathema on you

[JW]I wont forgive you anymore,
The sky will open for me,
My heart this land,
We will rise again.

[LJH]God come down on us
Ray of eternal light
Get your justice
The impious vengeance of the heaven...
God come down on us
Ray of eternal light
Get your justice
The impious vengeance of the heaven
The vengeance of the heaven will fall, anathema on you

italian translated by valinor500@soompi
korean translated by laydeebutterfly 

please please do not take out of this blog.

[original lyrics]

Nume sovra noi discendi
Raggio dell'eterna luce
La tua giustizia prendi
La vendetta del cielo su voi
La vendetta del cielo scenderà, anatema

태양이 붉게 타오르는 날
이 땅이 다시 내게로 온다
헐벗은 몸짓마저
이제 다시 일어난다

더는 용서하지 않겠다
하늘이 내게 열리고
내 맘에 이 땅에
우린 다시 일어난다

Nume sovra noi discendi
Raggio dell'eterna luce
La tua giustizia prendi
La vendetta del cielo empia
La vendetta del cielo scenderà, anatema su voi

태양이 붉게 타오르는 날
이 땅이 다시 내게로 온다
헐벗은 몸짓마저
이제 다시 일어난다

더는 용서하지 않겠다
하늘이 내게 열리고
내 맘에 이 땅에
우린 다시 일어난다

Nume sovra noi discendi
Raggio dell'eterna luce
La tua giustizia prendi
La vendetta del cielo empia...
Nume sovra noi discendi
Raggio dell'eterna luce
La tua giustizia prendi
La vendetta del cielo empia
La vendetta del cielo scenderà, anatema su voi

credit : italian lyrics - valinor500

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Gaksital Ep.19 Preview

Shunji : so it was you?
PPL : ITS GAKSITAL!!~~ its gaksital!~
Kangto : I am so sorry,did you get hurt bad?
Shunji : Are you joking?do you think i am that easy?this situation is laughable???
Dunno who but man outside the door : Bombing,biting their tounge,they are all crazy
Kimura Taro : Kimura Shunji got arrested!
Head Kishokai : Enkei, you have to go out and do it.
Shunji : What are you going to do? your line just dropped.(referring to his backing,like life line given by konno)
Kangto : Its definitely a murder and it have relation to Lala.I'll catch the criminal myself.I'll definitely catch him.

translated by laydeebutterfly