Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Gaksital Ep.20 Preview

Taro : theres a big possibility that lee kangto is gaksital!
Euno : gaksital?
Shunji : a new truth have been revealed.lets see if theres a possibility that lee kangto is gaksital.
Rie : a new truth?
Kangto : even now i'll save you once again (ACK ACK ACK PLEASE SAVE HER PLEASEE ;_;)
Rie : Such an obvious lie,why do i want to believe it?
Guy : theres an article of opportunity to go to china~
Woman : its good,you can earn money and learn new technique.
Kangto : Shunji,now you even know that your brother murdered my mom? OK,lets see what you do.
Shunji : You,do you have anything that you are hiding from me?if you hav anything hidden from me,i'll get to the root of it.

translated by laydeebutterfly

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