Monday, 13 August 2012

Gaksital Ep.21 Preview

Shunji : How is it that you let him slip away? You are hiding something arent you?
MD : Yang Baek teacher is coming to Joseon?
Duke : Who are going to come KaKa?
Duchess : Just knowing that he is coming,when the joseon people hear this,there will be a second revolt.
Kangto : I’m worried for you. I believe that you are going to choose the right path.
Ueno : Gaksital will be catched by Ueno Rie.  Kill the guy no matter what!
Koiso : Everyone move to KyungSo Ilbo.
Shunji : Lee Kangto? Where is lee kang to?
Kangto : I come to punish your evil deed!

translated by laydeebutterfly

kangto extending his hand to Rie!~ ;_; AT LAST!~and she is contemplating!~ yes yes yes~ i wonder by the shot of raised eye brow by katsuyama means that he too knows about gaksital but arent saying anything? or is he just "WHAT?OH SHIT now that means i have to go and catch gaksital?" LOL bcoz we all know he does all the hard and dirty work for Rie though she too can hold her own sword but definitely not against gaksital right? 

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