Tuesday, 26 June 2012

1N2D S2 Aegyo King~♥ 120617

SAN NOMO SAN which translates to Mountain over mountain~ haha~ seriously boy is such a giant baby T_T how can this giant baby be the gaksital?? tsk tsk~ and i have a habit of saving it in two sizes for some bizarre reason that i cant even explain~



for you ice~ T_T i hope this is what you are talking about T_T 

JooWon Shabang-Shabang Wave 120422

from 1Night2Days Season 2 aired on 120422



 for you KB unnie ♥

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Feeding Joowon Addiction

Please do not misunderstand,they are practicing horse riding stance~ XD the staff went "what? we didnt say anything" it seems even they know it look so wrong ROFL~ its a snippet from their BTS vid~ 

Friday, 22 June 2012

Sato Hiroshi-Lala Kiss Ep.8


Smart girl~ just go for it when he is not on his guard,half drunk~ YOU GO GIRL~ i cut off the venomous look of the madame in the club and the count's son expression~ my expression is the same with the madame though O_O WHAT? YOU? by then its too late already~she already hav those lips T_T hing~ HAHA~ 

Killer Wave

since many on my T-list is already have this incurable Joo Won cancer,why not have more dosage of him? the addiction,pain and whateva is effecting your health cant possibly get worst? or can it?  

from E.T 120526


from E.T 120616


Monday, 18 June 2012

Joowon Mom Call cut 120311

apparently this is cut out from the KBSW version,like SERIOUSLY KBSW??? are you crazy?? how dare you cut off my aegyo machine doing his thing on TV??? how could you? he called his mom for cooking tips XD haha~ 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


So with the alarming increasing amount of good dramas on korean cable these days,i am forced(well sometimes  gladly) to watch this CFs and haha this is just cute. Everyone knows how close Kim Byung Man and Lee Su Geun is,oh wait,i just saw someone who said they have never heard of 1N2D,so i take that back *rewrite* FYI,Kim Byung Man and Lee Su Geun is BFFs,and they are models for this Bullsone CF~haha~

the owner of car wants to change the filter of the car and said "just change to whateva filter" and the adorbs two bobble head goes X LOLs hehe~

EJW No.5 Dance 120611

OK i almost went crazy yesterday because of this and like the MCs said,its been long since we've seen him dancing on any show at all,even music shows.And of course he just have to dance to one of my fav songs feat. him T_T you are killing me EJW you are killing MEEEEE!~ T_T and the cute "OH i'm embarassed" at the end,and trying to hide his head is just ADORBSS

the full song if anyone doesnt know what song is this~theres an MV for this song but because i hate the MV,i'm posting just the song

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lee Su Geun Opening Pitch 120606

Lee Su Geun throws the opening pitch for Doosan Bears recently. I wasnt going to post this but this just reminds me of an old epi of 1n2d,when they went to Busan and watched the big game of Lotte Giants(home team) vs Doosan Bears(episode aired on 080928) ~ MC Mong,EJW and LSGn are DB fans,so they had to cheer in silent. HILARIOUS ♥ 

At the time i watched this before,i dont even know korean much less read korean characters,so this time when i rewatch i noticed that on LSGn's cap theres a "PIG Ho Dong" written on it LOLs. and of course the two bat boys ♥ haha this was at the earlier stage of the Dang-Ding relationship~this is not even one month after their friendship trip~ ah the memories~ ♪ I'm SO HOT ♪

During this epi,they had to perform and Mong,1n2d resident choreographer,just makes something up and the rest of the boys put in their ideas and all. While the new 1n2d have quite a few singers (all of them sings except Kim Seung Woo and Uhm Tae Woong) but i wonder if they can do the same? cha tae hyun can be categorized as a dance singer i suppose since his song is a dance song? HAHA XD KJM is hopeless at choreographing though he have a dancer background~ 

I dunno how many times have i said this but i miss Eun Ji Won T_T i need my EJW fix ASAP~ SITCOM!!!AIR the damn thing ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!~~~~

Uhm Jung Hwa Tweet 120606

[TRANS] Today we went as models for a promotion event to jeju island.This is the sight of Uhm Tae Woong,who played games on juwon's phone and juwon trying to get his phone back.Its too precious to be kept for myself,i'm sharing it.These two are very cute right?

(translated by laydeebutterfly)

LOL seriously XD the UHM siblings is just babying him so much~~ ♥ its super cute~him like a panda on UTW~

Joo Won Tweet 120606

[TRANS] The responds to the movie "Dont Click" is doing good ^^ Thank you~~Please keep supporting it~^^ have a good lunch~

[translated by : laydeebutterfly]

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Eun Ji Won Tweet 120602

[TRANS] A~~~~have to exercise to film Avengers2!!

[translated by : laydeebutterfly]

Joo Won Tweet 120605

[TRANS] Good Morning~~Starting the day vigoriously ^^ Everyone good day~~♥

[translated by laydeebutterfly]

Monday, 4 June 2012

Joo won 120603 Tweet

[TRANS] @Moonjunwon it should be tears~~ahaha ^^ RT @shinhyunjoon : @Munjunwon just now your tears dropped on my face..its tears right~?saliva..it cant be right~? hehe

[translated by : laydeebutterfly]

OK so i am so assuming that they'll kill each other T_T cant say i am surprised but still T_T looking forward to the show ♥ WEDNESDAY come!!~~ kill monday for me T_T 

Eun Ji Won 120604 Tweet

[TRANS] @G1cloverG1 What interval is this long?i have been in the car for 6 hours

(translated by laydeebutterfly)

daw i am so looking forward to this comedy for my EJW fix~i'm EJW deprived T_T 

Sunday, 3 June 2012

the power of 1박2일

So this week is the end of Running Man's Park Ji Sung special.It was a 3 episode special and the last episode had the ratings of 20.4% which is their highest ratings from the 3 epis they had with PJS.And theres this article 


which is titled "Running Man's Park Ji Sung,theres 1n2d Park Chan Ho-IC Kim Yun Ah"

and the article basically says that "the meeting of the best variety show and the best sports star brings high ratings".RM hits 20% after 5 months and both the ratings in 1n2d and IC shot up during the appearance of Park Chan Ho and Kim Yun Ah.

highlight from the article is that,during PCH's appearance in Dec 2008,all three episode of 1n2d with PCH had more than 30% ratings and when he came back on January 2010,the ratings shot up to more than 40%,rewriting the history of variety shows.(am using the words right from the article)

The appearance of KYA in IC back in 2009 had 21.5% and it takes 6 months for IC to get its rating back to 20%.

I actually expected RM's ratings to be higher this week with PJS,Jung DaeSae and Rio Ferdinand on the show this week AND PJS was the spy this week + he MC-ed when YJS went back to korea due to his schedule.PJS had good variety sense,i LOL-ed at his never ending kwangsu abuse. Its probably I am too used to 1n2d's specials which have 30% ratings.This is one of the reason the old 1n2d is a legend(and reason why i go PFFT when someone comes to me and recommends RM for entertainment,it seems like a downgrade) They have 20% ratings just by themselves. 

True though that the new 1n2d have lower ratings than the old one but still this week despite RM hitting a new high rating,they had 12.6%,which is 1.3% higher than last week,and while RM is having their special episode. I guess their new pledge,to get back their no1 spot is working. GO GO!!!~~

내 방에 벌..ㅠㅜ

i am trying to find more ways to waste my time and to share some of my daily delights,its hard to put all of this in twitter T_T~ with that i need this to work~ T___T

trans :
*one one side,juwon who returned to his room*
*AIKUU,thank you,whats with all this..*(trust me PD,we all thank him for this XD)
*changes his clothes to prepare for bed*
Juwon : in my room,insect.... ㅠㅜ . theres a HUGE insect ㅠㅜ (i love his tone XD ahahah such a baby)
*maknae who went to ask for SOS from Si Kyung hyung*
Juwon to SSK : theres a HUGE insect ㅠㅜ (still baby tone kyaa cuteee) 

Juwon calling for help from from his big hyung,Sung Si Kyung~ personally i think SSK have somekind of hero DNA in his personality~ you could see even in this epi theres him helping juwon,juwon could've gone to UTW's room for help since UTW too is good with insects(according to EJW in WinWin) and theres him helping LSG-eun on the swings and helped him to get down from it~ that or he just have less things he is scared off~ unlike juwon who really hates all kind of insects. haha.