Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lee Su Geun Opening Pitch 120606

Lee Su Geun throws the opening pitch for Doosan Bears recently. I wasnt going to post this but this just reminds me of an old epi of 1n2d,when they went to Busan and watched the big game of Lotte Giants(home team) vs Doosan Bears(episode aired on 080928) ~ MC Mong,EJW and LSGn are DB fans,so they had to cheer in silent. HILARIOUS ♥ 

At the time i watched this before,i dont even know korean much less read korean characters,so this time when i rewatch i noticed that on LSGn's cap theres a "PIG Ho Dong" written on it LOLs. and of course the two bat boys ♥ haha this was at the earlier stage of the Dang-Ding relationship~this is not even one month after their friendship trip~ ah the memories~ ♪ I'm SO HOT ♪

During this epi,they had to perform and Mong,1n2d resident choreographer,just makes something up and the rest of the boys put in their ideas and all. While the new 1n2d have quite a few singers (all of them sings except Kim Seung Woo and Uhm Tae Woong) but i wonder if they can do the same? cha tae hyun can be categorized as a dance singer i suppose since his song is a dance song? HAHA XD KJM is hopeless at choreographing though he have a dancer background~ 

I dunno how many times have i said this but i miss Eun Ji Won T_T i need my EJW fix ASAP~ SITCOM!!!AIR the damn thing ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!~~~~

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