Sunday, 3 June 2012

the power of 1박2일

So this week is the end of Running Man's Park Ji Sung special.It was a 3 episode special and the last episode had the ratings of 20.4% which is their highest ratings from the 3 epis they had with PJS.And theres this article

which is titled "Running Man's Park Ji Sung,theres 1n2d Park Chan Ho-IC Kim Yun Ah"

and the article basically says that "the meeting of the best variety show and the best sports star brings high ratings".RM hits 20% after 5 months and both the ratings in 1n2d and IC shot up during the appearance of Park Chan Ho and Kim Yun Ah.

highlight from the article is that,during PCH's appearance in Dec 2008,all three episode of 1n2d with PCH had more than 30% ratings and when he came back on January 2010,the ratings shot up to more than 40%,rewriting the history of variety shows.(am using the words right from the article)

The appearance of KYA in IC back in 2009 had 21.5% and it takes 6 months for IC to get its rating back to 20%.

I actually expected RM's ratings to be higher this week with PJS,Jung DaeSae and Rio Ferdinand on the show this week AND PJS was the spy this week + he MC-ed when YJS went back to korea due to his schedule.PJS had good variety sense,i LOL-ed at his never ending kwangsu abuse. Its probably I am too used to 1n2d's specials which have 30% ratings.This is one of the reason the old 1n2d is a legend(and reason why i go PFFT when someone comes to me and recommends RM for entertainment,it seems like a downgrade) They have 20% ratings just by themselves. 

True though that the new 1n2d have lower ratings than the old one but still this week despite RM hitting a new high rating,they had 12.6%,which is 1.3% higher than last week,and while RM is having their special episode. I guess their new pledge,to get back their no1 spot is working. GO GO!!!~~

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