Sunday, 3 June 2012

내 방에 벌..ㅠㅜ

i am trying to find more ways to waste my time and to share some of my daily delights,its hard to put all of this in twitter T_T~ with that i need this to work~ T___T

trans :
*one one side,juwon who returned to his room*
*AIKUU,thank you,whats with all this..*(trust me PD,we all thank him for this XD)
*changes his clothes to prepare for bed*
Juwon : in my room,insect.... ㅠㅜ . theres a HUGE insect ㅠㅜ (i love his tone XD ahahah such a baby)
*maknae who went to ask for SOS from Si Kyung hyung*
Juwon to SSK : theres a HUGE insect ㅠㅜ (still baby tone kyaa cuteee) 

Juwon calling for help from from his big hyung,Sung Si Kyung~ personally i think SSK have somekind of hero DNA in his personality~ you could see even in this epi theres him helping juwon,juwon could've gone to UTW's room for help since UTW too is good with insects(according to EJW in WinWin) and theres him helping LSG-eun on the swings and helped him to get down from it~ that or he just have less things he is scared off~ unlike juwon who really hates all kind of insects. haha.

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