Monday, 20 August 2012

Gaksital Ep.23 Preview

MD : Young master!
Kangto : How did i get here?
MD : Could it be that Lala knows you are gaksital?
Shunji : WHAT? friend? am i korean? You're going to show up what are you going to do now? Kangto-ya,dont you know,gaksital....(unfinished sentence) Why? you dont like it?
Dongjin : please recieve my bow.
Yang baek : i will make a second revolt,i'll stake my life on it.
Kangto : i have a good idea
Koiso : now gaksital is setting fire at bok cheong district.
Kangto : since we're doing this...
Abe : gaksital is setting fire in yeong dok now. 

on the paper that it goes in triagle : top: yang baek,left: damsari, right: gaksital. and in the middle of the triangle is oh mokdan. *rolleyes*

OK writer i LOVE you,i really do but seriously this mokdan threat and all is getting OLD super old~i know shunji is doing this to somehow make kangto nervous and all but UGH kill the girl already or something,she was supposed to LEAVE town!~~ you dont do things halfway but only to mokdan you're being a cliche korean drama~ its going round and round and round like a never ending nightmare.

but that being said,YAY its going to way i really wanted~shunji decides to play the gaksital game to get the bigger fish~ but two can play the game and kangto is playing with him to ♥ KYAHAA~~ see writer? how much of a genius you can be? i guess most writers are as stupid as shunji when it comes to love? 

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