Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Gaksital Ep.22 Preview

Shunji : Ueno Rie,i'll ask you for the last time,lee kangto is gaksital right?
Rie : Let go of me.
Shunji : how did you check/prove it? 
Kangto : theres no way to find dongjin teacher
Shunji : lee kangto is dongjin...(unfinished sentence)..dongjin who yangbaek is trying to meet...
Duke's son : Who are you??what are your relationship with her?
Kangto : What? DongJin Association?
MokDan : i'll find it out for you.
Kangto : wouldnt it be dangerous? 
MokDan : kye soon-ah,do you think shunji will let you go?didnt it occur to you that you could get involved too?
Ueno : what can i help you with?
Shunji : can i kill your daughter? i need your warrior.i'll put my life on the line.

UUUU i wonder what did shunji after he said he wanted to kill rie and the reaction of ueno "yes kill her" or? ~ XD

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