Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Jong Jong Jang Gu Cut 120722

KSW : Ah i want to eat
KJM : What do you usually eat at home?
KSW : What are you? You want to be an MC for a talk show right?
KJM : I am practicing
*so we prepared this kim jong min-sshi*
*JONG JONG JANG GU* (parody of Seung Seung Jang Gu/Win Win a talk show hosted by KSW)
KJM : This is our first broadcast and theres many guest who come today. How do you feel? A word from each of you,please.
KSW : For me,I hope kim jong min show,jong jong jang gu right? I hope it will last long.
*Seung Woo congratulate for first broadcast*
UTW : When I come to such program,since i am bad at talking,I get nervous.
*afraid of talk show tae woong*
KJM : Ah dont worry. You just dont have to talk,relax. I heard you have a new film coming out?
CTH : Thats why I come to promote the film. For film promotion,theres no better place than jong jong jang gu. The PR team say that i absolutely have to come to this program.
*Jong Jong Jang Gu is the trend for film PR*
*Jong Jong Jang Gu first question*       
KJM : So in acting theres always hardship. For example for love scene,do you act with your wife sometimes? Do you?
KSW : WHAT? What? Is this a question? What did you say,repeat it again.
KJM : You have to be in character to act right? For that you have to practice right? For practice purpose,have you ever practice with your wife?
KSW : oh that is a good question!
CTH : oh i am curious too.
KSW : Sometimes i do. Sometimes.
KJM : Is there maybe...kiss scene?
KSW : What is that? Why do you laugh at the question? You are the MC!
KJM : But its possible right?
LSGn : Oh the surpise guest is coming!
*i skip over what SSK and Juwon is saying since its only about the food*
KJM : I will end this abruptly here.Jong Jong Jang Gu ends here.

Translated by laydeebutterfly

KJM = Kim Jong Min
UTW = Uhm Tae Woong
CTH = Cha Tae Hyun
LSGn = Lee Su Geun
** = screen text


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