Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Gaksital OST - Judgement Day

Dont even know why i am on this search when theres so many more things to do today~ my favorite song out of all gaksital's OST is the song played everytime Gaksital makes his appearance. Apparently its sung by Lee Jung Hyun titled IL giorno del Giudizio (Judgement Day)~ and he composed and wrote the lyrics for song himself. I tried looking for it but all those singles of Gaksital OST doesn't come with the song T_T i hope it will be included in the OST album later. For preview of the song :

i guess the author cut it out of the drama or something~ hing

source : daum news


  1. omg, I absolutely love this song too!! I've been searching for it forever!! I'm so obsessed about it that I edited parts of it from the series to a whole, but I can't wait till I get the original version. Do you have any more news about it?! Thanks so much for providing the link and the title!

    1. i am waiting for it to be released too~hopefully it will be released soon~the song is just too good~